Creative Writing

Cal runs Creative Writing courses at Gower College Swansea for adult learners, ESOL and A-level students.

Officially graded as ‘outstanding’, the course looks at the essentials of writing fiction – characters, setting and conflict, plus structure, story types and genre. The students start with an initial idea, which is developed into a one-page synopsis and then a detailed outline. With continuous workshops, the students write and re-write chapter by chapter, culminating in a finished story.

Teaching students from all around the world has provided Cal with a wealth of international experience, allowing him to see ways of life and situations many people would not get to see. Cal also gives talks to HE+ students. In learner forums, his talks have been described as ‘fantastic and inspiring’.

‘I don’t drink, smoke or take drugs, but I get “high” going to Cal’s Creative Writing class’.

Former student Natalia Iglesias