The Balkan Route

After a businessman is brutally murdered in Belgrade, Inspector Marko Despotović digs into corruption that connects police and politicians, drug dealers and spiritual healers as they battle over the Balkan heroin route. Can Marko survive and keep his family safe?

‘Dark as Turkish coffee with a hit of rakija and a touch of genocide.’

The Balkan Route

Bad Teacher

With his class of foreign students, Bad Teacher cuts through the façade of multi-cultural Britain and asks the important questions: Is Greggs the Baker the height of British cuisine? Can a woman look good in a burqa? Should grammar be taught in the bedroom?

‘hilarious, irreverent and honest’

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Wrong Way Around

You’re supposed to do the crime first, and then go on the run. They did it the other way around… In a whirlwind of passion, photographer Colin and hostess Linda marry in Vegas and head to Mexico for a life of adventure. But when money runs low, they end up in London and turn to crime.

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The Final Mile

Ryan Morgan is a good guy, a family man who runs his own business and lives by the rules. But when his business is liquidated, his house repossessed and his wife leaves him, Ryan takes down those he sees as responsible.

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Dream Lover

He wants his imaginary lover back. But what does she want?

Dream Lover by Cal Smyth